Dirty Threads & Hot Scraps 5.10.24

The scrap basket is full!
I pull random handfuls and stuff them into a 6x9 poly bag until it's plump. Each bag is 36$ including postage inside the US. Pardon the slight increase. Postage is highway robbery. 

This much hasn't changed. 

First come, first served, but there will be plenty to go around and more dyefests to come.
For the Dirty Threads, I use DMC six-strand cotton and Procion MX dyes. Nothing natural about it!
Each skein is 12 yards. I'll include cardboard bobbins until I run out of them.

I'll be putting them up in sets of four skeins. $24 per set includes postage inside the US. 
Email me to order and include your mailing address. Payment instructions will be sent in my reply.

Email me if you need a special colorway. See what we can work out.
I am investigating international shipping. Fingers crossed.

I'll mark the threads sold and delete the pictures when they ship.

The sun just peeked through the clouds to give me some natural light so let's get these mutts, I mean eclectics, out of the box first. I should have waited for real sun because these look a little dark here.

When I'm sorting colors to make up sets, sometimes a skein refuses to settle into a dominant color groove and I start to get a headache thinking about what I'm going to name all these sets. 

Anyone who has used my thread will tell you that these devils give very satisfying results especially if you are using them to stitch lines. The colors change fast and unexpectedly.

Drama 3 SOLD




Summer 2

Golden Dawn

High Summer SOLD

Same basket of hot scraps but another churn.


Softy SOLD

Peaches SOLD

Summer 1

Vireo SOLD


LaceLady said...

each calls my name ~ these are the definition of sumptuous!

Liz A said...

your threads make me feel like a painter as I stitch and each new color pops into view

Karen said...

I received my dirty threads order two days ago and I cannot stop looking at the beautiful threads. Such a treat and so much fun to stitch with!