Saturday, September 28, 2013


There was no clean out or restocking because this UFO reminded me that all its piece parts are still in the river basket. It was a good day to remind my fingers what they are all about for a little while. No housework on Saturday is my new rule.

There was my goodmans good company,  bright sunshine, cool breezes through the house, and manicotti and meatballs baking in the oven (cooking is not housework).
 Did I mention a gift of pumpkin cupcakes iced with cream cheese frosting and an invite to work with gouache for the first time? Thanks Crystal.

Right now, there's a sage & citrus candle burning in the studio and the Braves on TV in a short while. Life is good and I am grateful.

Friday, September 27, 2013

the comfort of the grid

The intention was to use these small canvases from HL for mounting stitched pieces but there's been nothing from the needle and thread department lately. It's very quiet in the river grass basket which really needs a good seasonal clean out and restocking.

On whim I decided to see how the various water color crayons would take to the canvas.  Nicely, as it turned out. Intense, vibrant. I'll seal this one with a clear matte acrylic later today.

The grid has made me think about pulling the commercial prints out of the closet and maybe starting something blanket-ish. Whats being called these day a Modern Quilt.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

the comfort of doing

After a whirlwind morning of a  clinic visit, shopping and cooking, the cool damp weather made for great napping.

I wanted to be doing something with my hands but had no brain driving that train so I took the crochet basket off the shelf and cranked out two of these while we watched a little mindless TV. Sylvester Stallone should leave it alone.

I made sets of these cotton string pot holders or dish scrubbers for myself years ago and still have them. Like 20 years ago.

The vampires were happy with Jim's vintage today which made all of us happy.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

sighs, whispers and echoes

As predicted all that flash washed away leaving these shadows of themselves.

You can get a close up look here

Each of these pieces is a little more than a foot square so I'm going to tear each one in two and then make some small sets that include a range of colors over six pieces.

Smaller than my usual cloth burritos but full of potential for hand stitchers, each bundle is magic $13.00 which includes first class postage in the US.

Here's an example of what each set will be like:

Saturday, September 21, 2013

A stitching day?

After what feels like weeks of blessedly perfect weather the sky has clouded over and two days of on/off rain has been predicted for the area. Sorry for the folks going to Music Midtown  but the plants and animals seem to be holding their collective breath in anticipation of a good bath and a deep, clean drink.

The river basket is calling me and there will be some time for stitching I hope.

I have been putting off cleaning up the dye deck but I may do what I can with it between the showers.

My tradition of visiting Elizabeth Bartons studio so we can use up each others spent dyestock may have to be put on hold until next fall so I may dig some un-dyed cloth and put it into my tired colors knowing that the results are going to be sighs,  whispers and echoes.  But that's ok, they will all be beautiful.

 I need to do some shop keeping - the cupboards are bare - so whatever comes from the dyedeck this weekend will be available soon over at Random Acts of Dyeness.

All this activity is predicated on what I'm finding is a post chemo pattern in Jim's treatment. This weekend he will be in a resting phase which somehow translates into less anxiety for me even if there's a little more steppin' and fetchin'. 

I think I've recognized that I was born into service in many past lives. This would account for my affinity for the staff of Downton Abbey as opposed to the upstairs folk who seem to spend all their time fretting about how things appear to others. The staff knows in their hearts that the work of their hands matter, to whom or why is not something they dwell on. It's the doing of the thing with pride that gives them a deep sense of purpose. 

Thursday, September 19, 2013

more cloak

Thanks for all the kind remarks about my shirt.

I've reconsidered the violent approach of scalping it for the best parts. Instead, I'm going to tailor it a bit, shortening the sleeve, and changing out the over-sized snaps.

Then I'll tackle reworking the parts that need maintenance and replacing the ones that just aren't working.  Just one thought if you are thinking of a project like this...make sure the garment fits and is functional before you begin applying the Art. If you love it before you begin, you'll love it even more later on in the project.

Grace, remember these cocktail napkins?

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

As the weather cools...'s time to break out the magic invisibility cloak 

It needs a lot of TLC. I may even excise the most interesting elements and relocate them onto a newer, more substantial garment.

Starting out with a very worn chambray shirt was a romantic notion that has proven to be the proverbial garden path...

I'll look it over in the morning light before I do anything crazy.

The perfect bliss....

....of being easily delighted is my core treasure. Marigolds, sugar, cats purring, my Goodmans hearty laugh. I am rich.

This came in the mail yesterday. Thanks Judy.    If you have not been following this miracle of creation, the Manitoulin Circle Project ,  you can catch up here

Summer slips gently into fall with cooler nights and low humidity making good sleeping weather. After a long week of anxiety, Jim's blood work was good enough today for his second round of chemo to be a Go this morning. I told the doctor "Light him up!"

Monday, September 16, 2013

back stories

"The Stars out of Place" was finished in the spring of 2010.  It was inspired by a nightmare, the kind that is so real that you wake up in a cold sweat gasping for air.

I was almost nine when Sputnik was launched and we had a neighbor who let us lie on the roof of their screen porch at night and watch that tin star crawl across the night sky while we bounced back and forth between AM radio bands listening to Murry the K or Scott Muni.

It all seemed pretty benign to me and I didn't understand how some adults perceived this to be some kind of threat from the Russians. That all became clear to me after I read "Hiroshima" later that year. That damn book sure took all the fun out of Godzilla.

Still I became a night sky watcher for the beauty of it and became intimately familiar with the locations of the heavenly bodies and the names of all the constellations. Total immersion in the Zodiac soon followed.

In my nightmare, I went outside on a crisp winter evening and looked up to find the stars all jumbled and the moon full and leering, too close, in the wrong quarter of the sky  and shedding wisps of pink poisonous looking gases.  The air was too thin and tasted metallic. I closed my eyes so hard they hurt, woke up in sudden disorientation and willed myself awake for the rest of a long night. Despite my best efforts to forget, it was a keeper.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Alien Innards

Word has come from NY that my Heart has been sold.
 Funny, I didn't even miss it.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

A different reality

The deadline for Artquilt Elements 2014 is September 30. I'm thinking, since I have work completed within the last two years, I'll apply. That may be the extent of my studio practice for some time to come. It seems that these days, any passion I have goes into cooking, serving, giving meds - all the things that used to annoy me - are now my only labors of love.

Oh, and making a few bridal garters for Missy. Colin hung out with Jimmy yesterday afternoon giving me some time to nip out to HoAnns and gather up some pretties to work with and then stopped by a friends house to take advantage of the lovely pool at her apartment complex. Heavenly!.

These are a few more full sized prints I pulled back on Sunday. There are two of each, 11x17, available on the prints page.

The originals are "Winter Behind Us",  "Taken by the Night" and "Rising Waters"

Winter Behind Us
Taken by the Night
Rising Waters 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

rusty siesta

What are we looking at here (besides my pool slipping back to nature)?

It's Voodoo, doing what he does best; napping in unusual containers. That is my ten inch cast iron rusting pan, usually a birdbath, but it's been dry and I've been busy. Yesterday I caught him cuddled up in my fruit bowl on the kitchen table, hatching out a couple of sorry garlic cloves and an overripe peach. My kitchen getting out of hand too.

Monday, September 09, 2013

Happy Monday!

If I took a picture of my studio right now someone would call the fire department, the board of health and probably "Hoarders".  I have other things on my mind these days and taming chaos was never high on my to-do list.

Yesterday I was making a nuisance of myself at Kinkos draping various pieces of finished artwork across their equipment to add some new selections to the print inventory. 

There may be some studio tiding later...but more likely I will return to hanging stars in the Firmament.

To-do this morning is dashing off to the post office to get all of your orders in the mail. Please email me when your packages arrive, that is always good news.

The best news is that my Goodman is now home with us and was feeling chipper enough to take in a little nice weather yesterday. Thanks for all the love and support - it means a great deal to us both.

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

A little piece of my art

I finally got some prints up in the can see the whole inventory here.   Each one is different.

You can read more about the process in this post. I encourage any of you who stitch to give this a try. The results are quite amazing.

I had a little email give and take with the president of the American Reprographic Assoc. and he assured me that calling these
reprographs was correct.

Thanks for your patronage! 

Sunday, September 01, 2013

take down day

 It seems like a lifetime ago that Jimmy and Colin hung these pieces for me but it's only been a month and now it's time to turn this beautiful space over to the next artist.

 I drove over to the gallery this morning and in a few minutes everything was packed and ready to come home.

It's a little sad but not a real surprise that there were no sales. Despite its pretensions at sophistication, I have always found Atlanta a pretty prosy place.  My work is pretty bold and the appreciation of textiles  takes an even bolder art collector. Just having had the chance to display the work was a great gift.

If anyone has any interest in acquiring any of the pieces from the recent show (or any other work, for that matter)  please know that any reasonable offer will not be refused.

It's no longer a secret that Jimmy is battling cancer and our financial reserves have been stretched to transparency. I'm deeply grateful for the resources we do have and the flexibility my home based job allows for. "Grateful for every golden now" is my in-breath and "survivor" our mantra. 

Email me and be surprised. They say that artists should never lower their prices.  Right now I'd like to get my hands on "they" and show them what I'm feeling about that rule.