Friday, September 27, 2013

the comfort of the grid

The intention was to use these small canvases from HL for mounting stitched pieces but there's been nothing from the needle and thread department lately. It's very quiet in the river grass basket which really needs a good seasonal clean out and restocking.

On whim I decided to see how the various water color crayons would take to the canvas.  Nicely, as it turned out. Intense, vibrant. I'll seal this one with a clear matte acrylic later today.

The grid has made me think about pulling the commercial prints out of the closet and maybe starting something blanket-ish. Whats being called these day a Modern Quilt.

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Judy Sall Fiber Art said...

Like it! My thoughts have been going toward a blanket as well... my TV binky which I made 8 years ago is starting to fray, and I have ever so much fabric in my stash! Rayna posted about string quilts recently, and I'm thinking of trying my hand... what could be easier than strips made into blocks?