Saturday, September 21, 2013

A stitching day?

After what feels like weeks of blessedly perfect weather the sky has clouded over and two days of on/off rain has been predicted for the area. Sorry for the folks going to Music Midtown  but the plants and animals seem to be holding their collective breath in anticipation of a good bath and a deep, clean drink.

The river basket is calling me and there will be some time for stitching I hope.

I have been putting off cleaning up the dye deck but I may do what I can with it between the showers.

My tradition of visiting Elizabeth Bartons studio so we can use up each others spent dyestock may have to be put on hold until next fall so I may dig some un-dyed cloth and put it into my tired colors knowing that the results are going to be sighs,  whispers and echoes.  But that's ok, they will all be beautiful.

 I need to do some shop keeping - the cupboards are bare - so whatever comes from the dyedeck this weekend will be available soon over at Random Acts of Dyeness.

All this activity is predicated on what I'm finding is a post chemo pattern in Jim's treatment. This weekend he will be in a resting phase which somehow translates into less anxiety for me even if there's a little more steppin' and fetchin'. 

I think I've recognized that I was born into service in many past lives. This would account for my affinity for the staff of Downton Abbey as opposed to the upstairs folk who seem to spend all their time fretting about how things appear to others. The staff knows in their hearts that the work of their hands matter, to whom or why is not something they dwell on. It's the doing of the thing with pride that gives them a deep sense of purpose. 


Jeannie said...

Wishing Jimmy a quiet time with lots of healing sleep. I hope you relax as well and take care of yourself, too. Being a caregiver is a really tough. I agree with the Downtown Abbey crew. I love the clothing on both floors, but the people downstairs are those I could sit with and enjoy. Take care and know I am sending you daily hugs. xoxo

Judy Sall Fiber Art said...

Funny how when it's for someone we care about, the steppin' and fetchin' is less tiresome than if it's for someone else. And I'm sure the reduced anxiety is from getting Jim past the chemo session and knowing his body is doing all it can to recover. I think of you both each day and ask HP to watch over you both and help him to beat this...

Nancy said...

You must welcome those moments in between when you can embrace the normal doings for a bit.
"to whom or why is not something they dwell on." important to remember.