eclipse at moonset  1.31.18
The Janet chair wearing the reborn in glory sweater.  Thanks Grace
tools, trinkets, talismans
after the storm...5.23.13

yuccas across the street

great escape theater

Isn't this a pretty thing? I asked for these for Christmas but I never realized how tiny they really are. I can barely get my monster fingers in the holes.  I'm inclined to have them made into a piece of jewelry but the beak and blades are wicked sharp. the heart of Katonah, NY - take THAT Martha Stewart!

the Big Snow, January 10, 2011

yep, we are plenty sick of winter. In NY you can at least go places. The entire metro area is shut down due to a coating of ice over this and the temps will hover around freezing for another day or so. yuk.


There were severe thunderstorm warnings last evening. They were all around us but is never rained a drop. This was the light at about 8:30 pm..if it had turned green I would have headed everyone to the crawlspace!

this is going to be for
Babu-Rio! Wall or floor, it's up to Kim.