Saturday, December 08, 2018


this is another one. cloths popped up that wanted to play but the other one was already busy.

I'm still thinking about what words I want to use. that happens with another part of my brain that needs some rest right now.

Friday, December 07, 2018

too fussy. too neat

Things are too tidy. I need to loosen up. I'm thinking there might be text. Something raucous, bawdy. Sprawly.

And today, this happened. We have been without a decent TV for some time. Set this one up right in front of the fireplace that never gets used.

I really, really want to see Bruce Springsteen on Netflix next week. For now, this video of a Yule log will warm us.

Monday, December 03, 2018

actual stitching!

It's nice to fool with my own Dirty Thread. As you can see, I've kept some of the tastier ones for myself.

This one seems a perfect fit for this project. But what did I say about going slow?  After the first length was used up, I got hasty and tried to use all six ply + two strands of bright blue rayon (wayward shit on a good day). Snag city, each stitch a pain in the ass.

So back to splitting the six and doubling each half, adding in whatever silly business I can cram through the needle's eye as the mood moves me.

and don't forget a slash of Thread Magic. Strange and wonderful stuff.

Sunday, December 02, 2018


 I turned off that part of the brain that plans, plots, nags, and worries. Took my medicine and stayed in bed. Mostly. The cold realized that I was an inhospitable host, packed his shit and left.
while I was laying around trying to ignore the cobwebs hanging everywhere, I pulled some cloth and thread from the river basket.

After a few false starts, I think I have something that speaks to me. Time will tell.

It's been a long time since I've built thread. Slowly is it the key. It didn't show up in this picture but there's a gold metallic in the mix to keep me in line.

Saturday, December 01, 2018

Cold comfort

In bed with a cold. Just examining things.

What sucks about working from home is, if you can't drag yourself to the chair and log in to the system, you should be in the hospital.

I'm not thatsick . It's only a cold, so come 3:30, I'll take another round of Alka Seltzer for colds and be in that cottony place for a few hours.

Right now, feeling the comfort of the familiar. Cloth, thread, and Meet Joe Black on TV.

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

the box fort


I think his Dad just blew Christmas out of the water with this one. When I got there this morning at 6:30, he was inside working on the walls with crayon. Happily, he did not sleep there.

Monday, November 26, 2018


It never fails.

I always opt for the easy way out.
The cloth.

I'm supposed to be doing a lot of other things.

Friday, November 23, 2018

black friday

Nope. Can't go there. Haven't in years, but I have shopped online when there was something artisan made that can't be found elsewhere.

Any Dirty Threads or Fat Baggies ordered by Sunday will get shipped Monday morning.

I honestly wish there was a living in make blog banners!


...was very quiet and low key this year. Colin and I both had to work so we had to pass on an invitation to join the family at the mountain house.  Since there was no school this week, Charlie and I were partners in crime for two whole days and a sleepover.  It was sunny out so we spent a good time in the park working off some junk food.

He was great company. Taking care of a four-year-old requires that you stay the hell out of your own head; good for me this melancholy time of the year.

I got a turkey meal cooked after he went home and we'll eat off that sucker until the weekend. Maybe.

After I got all the dishes done this morning, there was time to make that pie which turned out dangerously delicious.

Since it was just me eating in front of the TV, I forgot the Tablecloth.

Forever ago, when I was cleaning houses for people,  a lady gave me this kit. A huge linen tablecloth, printed with this design of flowers, leaves, and butterflies.  And, a ton of ecru embroidery thread which I promptly threw out. Oh well. The x's were well entrenched by then so they stayed.
There were some instructions. Threw those out too. I think I was hoping the blue stamped design would wash out. It didn't so I dipped into my own embroidery threads and just went wild. After some time I discovered that those tiny x's were places that I was supposed to have snipped out. This was a cut-work kit from Macy's, circa the late 50s.

And, of course, my own personal touches were added as life moved us along.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Picked the last of these today. We are going to have a freeze tonight.

I keep looking around this house, this life and wondering what I'd grab if I had to go with just a moment's notice. It's a terrifying prospect that so many are contending with.

These are inescapably sad days, this piece of November. The days when we sat by Jimmy's bedside and he slipped away from us a little at a time. Five years, five minutes. My heart can't tell the difference.

It's good that my day-to-day is consumed, starting at 5 in the morning. Getting Charlie off to school is most often the high point. He's such a piece of wonderful work that I'm grateful for. From there I go to the library for a few hours of concentrated writing. More about that here.

I still pick up the cloth from time to time. Turn it this way and that. Dream about what goes where, but the "why" of it eludes me. I took a load of scraps made cloth and from the cloth a very serviceable gown. mumu. schmata. You'll call it different things depending. A floor length garment that you probably shouldn't wear in public. No pictures. Pure comfort.

My back seat driver:

and me, half asleep in the car, waiting for the library to open.

Friday, November 09, 2018

Update !!Grace & waiting

Grace & Tribe are safe. Checking in at the Gridley Fairgrounds!

And here in Georgia, we continue to wait to see if the GOP is going to steal the election. There has been so much blatant voter suppression, it ultimately has to be considered criminal. 

I feel like time is grinding to a halt and we jump from one indecency, one horrendous act of depravity or stupidity, to the next, with no time between to reflect or resolve anything. 

This venerable purslane awaits its end as the temps begin to fall. I just don't have a container large enough for it and research says that if they overwinter inside, they won't bloom again. Sweet short lives. I have lots of seeds from this one and will start it again in the spring.

Thursday, November 08, 2018

self care

Be good to yourself first so you'll have enough gas left to give others a lift.

Or something like that.

From now through the end of this year - these difficult, contentious times - all  Fat Baggies will include one, randomly chosen  10yd. skein of Dirty Thread.

email me if you have any questions. these are the fabrics I'm picking from right now.

and no, you can't have my scissors. :)

Monday, November 05, 2018


Charlie and Maddie. Best buds. The kids in Pre-K got a lot of mileage and candy out of Halloween this year. Costume day at school all day Friday, party after that evening, then, the real, door to door old-fashioned trick-or-treating on Halloween.

Me? Another year hiding in upstairs in the master with all the lights out.

  We've taken up a new tradition. Keeping in touch with those who have passed. The crepe myrtle grove up near my mailbox is where Karma, Voodoo, and Orion are buried.  The trees have not been pruned in many years, but come January, I'm going to cut back the lower branches to make headroom. Want to move the lawn chairs up there, maybe get a bigger bird bath, some bug candles or a small firepit. I found out that if you are burning stuff in the yard and someone calls the cops, they are fine with it if you have some sticks and marshmallows or hotdogs.                                                                     It's a nice place to hang out and see the neighborhood.