Saturday, June 12, 2021


Another 30 pound box of vintage cloth arrived yesterday. Our mail lady (who might weigh a hundred pounds) was grateful that Colin met her up at the street. It was pouring rain. He had all he could do to hold the package and an umbrella.

I used to think I had a pretty sharp eye when it came to cloth. Silly me. I spent too much time with my nose in the air only consorting with fine vintage damasks. 

I have little to no experience with what might be called "common" cloth. The everyday stuff that people used to make their own clothes and household linens with back before store-bought was anyone's first option. 

The yellow is an almost lawn weight, yarn dyed cotton. The yard I have is pristine and I'm told there is a rainbow and yards still to be had because I told my source "no colors". I'm so glad he didn't listen. I may go back into the Fling business, this cloth is so nice.

The creamy cloth at the bottom is so intriguing. My first impression was a silk noil, but not as nubby and more tightly woven. Loomed at only 28" wide, it's a service weight linen, possibly flax. I left the picture large, so zoom in and tell me what you think. I have maybe fifty yards of this cloth. I'm going to do a burn test later, just to see what I can learn. Then dye a square of it. See how it likes color. 

It's heavy enough that I can see people using it whole as a base. I'm thinking flags, banners, even waxed floor cloths. 

Meanwhile, almost all of the cloth in the previous post has gone into the scrap basket and is available. It's been some time since the basket has hosted such a vibrant and varied batch of cloth. Nothing takes dye like vintage fabrics. 

Wednesday, June 09, 2021

All Aces


Updated. Tomorrow is ship day. If you've ordered Fat Baggies of Scrap, some of this lot will be coming along for the ride!

10ish. Rain is bumping on the roof, the Night Jazz channel on the TV is murmuring, cats and a child snoring beside me. 

As this day started at dark o'clock, I'm done. Enjoy.

Monday, June 07, 2021

Wheels redux


One more time, Jake has revived Jim's pickup. A major engine rebuild this time. Here's hoping we can wring another 100k mile out of it. It still has to be driven a bit, then pass emissions, then update the registration. All doable tasks, one at a time. 

I'm sure the neighbors are glad to see it put back together instead of up on jacks with its guts strewn about the driveway.

There's nothing like getting drunk on fragrance with my morning coffee. 

And this valiant little sunflower popping up in the middle of the venerable mother lavender. Only three feet tall and grinning at us already.
                    My small flower beds are coming on strong and summer has just begun. 

Of course, the water is still too cold for these old bones and the pump is having a small fit for itself. Issues. I know I'm going to hate it after the landscapers scalp away all that greenery, but it has to happen. That's poison ivy hanging over the back edge of the water.  I went to the grocery store for apples and came home with pool noodles.

Friday, June 04, 2021

It was a grand day


Forty-five years ago we threw a party in the backyard, invited all our friends and family and a judge.

It was a day just like today and it still feels like yesterday.

Thursday, June 03, 2021

those cloth envelopes

It's going to take more digging. I was all on board with the idea that these were intended to protect silk stockings and other delicates, 
but, on closer examination, each has a different monogram. 

I can't even make out what the letters are, the font is so elaborate. Any guesses.

The camera has brightened reality. They are yellowed a bit. I'm sure never used for whatever intended purpose.

 The stitches that join the sides together are so very tiny.

She made the nuns proud, I'm sure.