Sunday, February 28, 2021

the not-so-secret code


At the time I was making these, they didn't mean a thing. Gibberish. Letterforms to be sure. Just not connected to any real meaning. 

I've spent the last two days re-immersed in editing HTML for the web. Unlike writing or stitching, precision comes first.
One < or / out of place and *JENGA!*

When I first learned (from a book!) years ago, I remember spending hours chasing down an extra SPACE that I couldn't even see my eyes were so tired.

I was barely literate when I stopped learning and now I'm trying to play catchup. I like not having to rely on someone else to do these things. 

Next, the taxes.

The second Pfizer didn't even register this time, but for a slightly sore arm. 

I do NOT feel invincible.

Thursday, February 25, 2021

revving up for color


Another peachy day in Georgia.

I got pretty crazy over at ProChem last season. Nothing missing here; a lot of warm weirdness on hand. 
Don't think I even got the chance to try Autumn or Valentine. They were on sale too late in the season. 

All the mindless winding is already done. Fingers crossed the warmth holds. If so, a dyefest this weekend with the focus on threads. No clue what cloth I have on hand. 

Scheduled for my 2nd Pfizer tomorrow.  Hoping it doesn't hit and echo as hard as the first one did. 

It's almost time for Louie, Mr. Wilson & Co. to go back outside on the deck. There will be no competition for my affections out there this year. Maybe I can get some hyacinth vines growing.. Jungleland!

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

scrambled day

A poor placeholding picture for what was a glorious day. A windows wide, blue sky beauty. 70s easy. Sandal weather and I was too absorbed in work to appreciate it. 

I gave a minute to the thought that I need to do a color inventory. Dyeing weather will be on us soon.

I had to drive to the office of the company I work for to swap out some equipment. I haven't set foot in the place in two years. The drive there and back was no longer something I could do on autopilot. Too many changes along the route. 

My list of gottas went down by one and up by three. Big things are afoot, but I feel like I'm walking on a shrinking iceberg. 

I cleaned half a huge glass door today, inside and out. Seeing clearly everything else that needs attention around here gave me pause. 

A heart close to my own is hurting and I'm feeling it too. 😓


Sunday, February 21, 2021

mixing mediums

Musical brain candy. I've used this song in the book in a way that you'll never hear it again without thinking of that scene. 

My ace mechanic joined me in the studio for a few minutes yesterday and his unspoken comment was, "Ma. You need to get this stuff out into the world."

"Front Runner" 2009   72"x42"  

Digging around in the archives here, I'm recognizing that I have twenty+ years of work that has never been made public or marketed seriously. Was I waiting until I was dead? 

More dominos line up to make that satisfying clickety-clicks as they go down, all relaxed and grateful they are no longer standing at attention. You're welcome. 

There's a shitpot of admin stuff, taxes, and the like, that just got bumped for more fun stuff to be announced soon. 

More brain candy:

Friday, February 19, 2021



Lordy, this row of dominos!

After months of putting it off, I brought my car back to the Good tire place. The driver's side front tire kept losing just a few pounds of pressure. The warning light would come on the dash almost weekly.  Jake said that at that slow rate it was not the tire, but most likely the valve itself. 

I'm seen promptly at the appointed time. I'm watching through the glass as the mechanic took off the tire and dismounted it from the rim. He frowned and rolled it to the manager who rolled it out to me. No excessive wear but there was a deep fissure in the sidewall that followed the curve of the wheel. Dry rot he said. Old age. No surprise, the front tires were 6 years old. I bought new ones for the rear just pre-Covid.  New front boots for baby, 256$. 

I took him out on the interstate to feel it. Magic Carpet time! There is nothing like the feel of driving on new tires. No more dipping into turns. Faster! I didn't even look at the dash, just drove as fast as I dared and ran out of road pretty quick. Took the exit ramp like Daytona and braked to sane and civilized for the merge. Cheap thrills are the best and hard to come by these days.

There was a muffled clunk from the rear as if I'd picked up a clod of mud that plastered itself up inside the wheel well. Didn't think much of it. A few miles down the road, I was hearing an odd rumble when I applied the brakes, which worked as accustomed, but the sound got louder as I got closer to home. Not a good sound. 

Jake came with Charlie after school to look into the trouble. There was plenty. I needed new brake pads, both rotors,  and a set of brake calipers (that was the clunk). All of this, about 400$ in parts, completely coincidental to the tire thing.  He won't have the two hours of daylight and time until tomorrow and I won't let him work if it's raining. Sunday should be sunny and 60 here, so here I am, nowhere to go and no way to get there, even if I was so inclined. 

There will be some miles come Sunday.