Sunday, April 29, 2007


..have a way of sneaking up on you. Awhile ago I decided to look for mixed media shows to enter instead of strictly quilt venues. When I found TOXIC COLOR" at Exit-a gallery space in Cleveland Ohio, I felt like the organizers had been peeking into my studio. My colors have been on a berserk for some time. Additionally, this gallery has had exhibitions of fiber art in recent history including weaving and collage work. So yesterday morning I discovered that the deadline for entry had about 18 hours to go. Fortunately, this gallery was ready and willing to deal with electronic entries, even electronic payments with PayPal. Five shots for 25.00 dollars was worth the concerted effort of getting this entry page put together before noon. I haven't posted pictures of this piece before and had to come up quickly with the title "Macrophage Cotillion" (hoping I spelled it right). Coming up with titles on short notice is unsettling although I don't think there's a law saying I can't change the title until they get the wallcards printed.

Friday, April 27, 2007

California Cannibalism

Now that title's bound to draw some weird traffic but sadly, that's what's happened out in Benecia, CA in the barn owl box that I watch on the cam (see side bar). When Frieda laid 7 eggs I knew that bad things were going to happen. As the first chicks hatched and grew, the last to hatch got weaker and tastier looking. All I saw was the diminishing headcount. We are down to four. Talk about Survivors! I still haven't recovered from seeing the TX brood go all natural last spring when the Mum checked out a chick that died from the heat and then ate it in one gulp! Nature's way, I know but it's so hard to NOT anthropomorphize the critters. These chicks are a long way from cute but I can't help it.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

New look and new sound

I finally caved in and upgraded to the new blogger Minima template. They still let you tinker around under the hood so my blog is not out of danger yet. Y'all are going to have to deal with my new earworm on the sidebar for a while. If I can't get this song out of my head why should you? I can live without the video but it's a package deal. The saving grace is that the young woman in the video is actually his wife. He was on Oprah the other day performing this little ditty and the women in the audience were oozing down the aisles.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Cleared up the cutlets, packed the crew off to work, turned on the game and had this painted up by the 6th inning. It's good to get back to work a bit each night. I was definitely done hand-sewing on it. Now I have to leave it laying on the kitchen floor overnight to dry . Could be some interesting cat criticisms by morning.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Audrey & Peg

This is my friend Peg and her houseguest Audrey. Peg normally doesn't name her livestock beyond "Leg'O" or "Barbie-Q" but Audrey is going to get to grow up and and experience the joys of motherhood, Peg hopes, including feeding her own lambs and not leaving it to Peg and a bottle!

Monday, April 23, 2007

more new things

Sewing sleeves on two new pieces entitles me to take another new wholecloth dyepainting out of the pile and put it up on the wall for consideration. I may be doing some discharging and/or painting to this one to bring out some value changes but not too much. I sure don't want to screw it up. Another large piece, ummm, 40x58 I think. I do know I'm going to be scrounging to build backs for this set and scrambling for coupons to get a break on more batting. Below is something I started based on the table-mopper that I made down in Florida. Someone in this blogring (help me out here readers) posted about having a craving for some texture not to long ago and I was inspired to dig up a set of spotty looking fabrics and make them dance. The huge Frankenstein hand stitching is because the baseball season has started. Someone's Mum would say "It keeps me finger outta me nose."

Saturday, April 21, 2007

New work.

Thanks for the concern Peg. It's probably a lack of FIBER! Finally some progress. This is a crummy picture but I'll have to sleeve it before I can get a good shot outside. I put the pedal to the metal this morning about 7:30 and, with a break for a little yard work, got the stitching finished after the game. Don't know what to call it yet but it's big, 60"x39", and by a miracle of serendipity, the backing fabric is the exact same color as the lavender I dye-painted on the front. I started this at Focus On Fiber last month and have been stalling like mad about finishing it. Why? Didn't want to screw it up. This was the first time I ever sketched out how I wanted the stitching to go before sitting down at the machine.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Once upon a time I had something to say...

From 2005 "In response to Gabrielle's question "What drives you to make show your inner self or just play?" I offer this. The manipulation of light and texture until that silent, inner bell tolls is an act of anticipation that feeds a need for making order of these elements according to the inner eye. The hope that this personal order will have a degree of universal appeal drives one to hold up the finished work and say "Behold - a piece of what makes me unique". This hope is a secondary type of anticipation often tinged with fear. Those lucky, brave or smart enough to skip this second anticipation will reap the best of what a creative drive can give us. Total self-satisfaction." At the moment, the bell is silent, the eye is blind and I have no feelings about it.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

While you aren't watching

Voodoo and Jinx are almost the same age having come into our household within a month of each other almost nine years ago. Daily, we have to break up noisy arguments that stem from Voodoo trying to make an impression on the ladies, never mind that he hasn't had the goods to deliver since he was old enough for the operation. THIS is what I came upon last night. I though Jinx was going to ask me for a cigarette.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Road Trip

My brother and his family arrived at a local hotel some time in the night on their way south to Orlando. Today it will be my privilege and delight to escort them to the Jewel of Atlanta - the Georgia Aquarium. I have been dreaming of cuttlefish for days now.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


What ever happened to "sticks and stones..." or "consider the source..." or "whatever doesn't kill you, makes you stronger"? Whatever became of having some backbone, personal responsibility and dignity? When did we become a nation of whining children curling up with our thumbs stuck in our mouths the first time someone calls us a bad name? The over reaction of those who would take offense at the lippings of a has-been, brain-addled, idiot (have I made my position clear?) radio commentator is as pitiable as the comments that provoked them. His excuse? A lifetime of cultural backwardness barely tempered by the rules and regulations of the FCC. Their excuse? Someone please explain to me how these young warrior women have come this far on life's path without ever having been exposed to the stupidity of bigotry, racism and sexism in the United States of Advertising. Sadly, I don't believe it for a minute. By giving him a moment's notice beyond withering silence they have succumbed to the folly of political correctness. I am sick to death of it. Say what you mean, stand by what you say and suffer the consequences. If you offend, apologize sincerely and learn from your mistake. To the offended I say take dignity in being gracious and for heavens sake, toughen up. Just wait until real life gets a hold of you.


I have two pieces to get ready for the PAQA South Markings exhibit so I spent the evening sewing on a sleeve and eyeballing them up close. I kept thinking what a marvelous groove I was in at the time each of those was stitched. Kodamas I started life as a disappointing dye piece which I later discharged with a brush for the first time. There was no room on the table so I did the work flat on the deck and you can see the wood grain. I also discovered not to use a good brush for discharging - I set mine aside and came back to find it eaten up to whiskers. Skin Keeps Us In was a challenge that went on for weeks. The base fabric was an antique cotton damask tablecloth that got caught up in a very strange dye pattern after I had done some metallic freckling with acrylic paint.It was so unstable that once I decided to use it, I had to stabilize it with something and I made the mistake of falling in love with that deep umber hand dye. Not wanting to obscure it completely, I started cutting holes in the damask in the more boring places to let the brown come through. I started adding hand painted, hand dyed and commercial elements from my Favorites basket and soon this thing had hundreds of pins in it just to keep it's shape. Each element was probably moved and re-pinned a dozen times. After a long time I decided to let chaos rule just under the surface. Again, the piece was quilted in a trance to some distant music.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Other People's Cool Stuff (since I'm fresh out)

Here I am hanging out with the Kat Krew feeling sorry for myself and being spectacularly unproductive. It's not good when you Stumble around on the web when you should be doing other stuff unless you come across sites like this one
My fiber work all started with a surplus of used materials and the burning need to make something new from it all.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Opening Day

"PLAY BALL, Already!" I've made the decision to hand quilt that big pieced top I brought back from FOF07. Can't imagine what influenced me....