My work with textiles has much in common with contemporary painting - the come and go of colors, lines, and textures - but carved into the surface of cloth by threads under tension instead of paint on canvas.

I combine my love of color and abstraction in a continuing exploration into the possibilities of fiber as art. Although the viewers are discouraged from handling the art, I want them to ache to touch it.

Everything I make is about exciting the eye and engaging the viewer with the tactile draw of cloth and the drama of colors and shapes that hint at mystery, magic, and sometimes the sly grin.


2012 to 2019        44"x29"   private collection

Contemporary textile constructed with vintage cotton, damasks, linens, and other natural fabrics that have been dyed and discharged. The cloth is layered and stitched using traditional quilt-making techniques. Some history and some details


Shell Vapors

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