Wednesday, April 11, 2007


What ever happened to "sticks and stones..." or "consider the source..." or "whatever doesn't kill you, makes you stronger"? Whatever became of having some backbone, personal responsibility and dignity? When did we become a nation of whining children curling up with our thumbs stuck in our mouths the first time someone calls us a bad name? The over reaction of those who would take offense at the lippings of a has-been, brain-addled, idiot (have I made my position clear?) radio commentator is as pitiable as the comments that provoked them. His excuse? A lifetime of cultural backwardness barely tempered by the rules and regulations of the FCC. Their excuse? Someone please explain to me how these young warrior women have come this far on life's path without ever having been exposed to the stupidity of bigotry, racism and sexism in the United States of Advertising. Sadly, I don't believe it for a minute. By giving him a moment's notice beyond withering silence they have succumbed to the folly of political correctness. I am sick to death of it. Say what you mean, stand by what you say and suffer the consequences. If you offend, apologize sincerely and learn from your mistake. To the offended I say take dignity in being gracious and for heavens sake, toughen up. Just wait until real life gets a hold of you.


Judy Martin said...

Deb. One good thing about being at my mother's is that there is high speed internet here.
this means that I can post a comment.
The bad thing is that I am not up to date on any world news, as I have been immersed in a family trainwreck for 6 weeks.
What are you talking about?

Karoda said...

I disagree Deb. They are warrior women and he has placed himself (due to his own stupidity) in their path...take him down and leave him to rot! And I am a good person.

Abby said...

You should read Muzzeled: From T-ball to Terrorism The author talks about the same things you did

Terry Grant said...

I disagree with you as well. Objecting to words so vile and evil goes far beyond "political correctness." It is claiming your dignity as a human.

I'm sickened by the current spate of bigoted public talk and I would hope all fair-minded people would object. Silence, withering or otherwise, implies acceptance. No one needs to quietly accept such a nasty label.

Romeo Morningwood said...

I believe that it all stems from our inability to adjust to living in our unnatural environment.
Our primate (older) brain was designed to live in kin-clans and strangers were regarded as competition. Our modern world has hurled us forward before we could adjust physiologically and now we war trying to out-think our genetic predisposition.
We must accept that there is only ONE species of human and get rid of all of the add-ons that we have created over the past Millenia that we can't seem to drop.
I think tht it is very dangerous to regulate Free Speech but at the same time we have to respect each other and accept that we may look different and fall into 'categories' but it doesn't mean that we can't change. A big part of the I Mus scandal is the granstanding of Al Sharpton who irritates me far worse than Imus who I can continue to ignore for the rest of his life.
Everybody is trying to make hay out this 'last straw'.

arlee said...

I concur with Deb--dignifying such statements with more words is just giving more attention to these remarks--if we ALL created a Withering Silence movement, it might drown out the assholes.