Sunday, September 01, 2013

take down day

 It seems like a lifetime ago that Jimmy and Colin hung these pieces for me but it's only been a month and now it's time to turn this beautiful space over to the next artist.

 I drove over to the gallery this morning and in a few minutes everything was packed and ready to come home.

It's a little sad but not a real surprise that there were no sales. Despite its pretensions at sophistication, I have always found Atlanta a pretty prosy place.  My work is pretty bold and the appreciation of textiles  takes an even bolder art collector. Just having had the chance to display the work was a great gift.

If anyone has any interest in acquiring any of the pieces from the recent show (or any other work, for that matter)  please know that any reasonable offer will not be refused.

It's no longer a secret that Jimmy is battling cancer and our financial reserves have been stretched to transparency. I'm deeply grateful for the resources we do have and the flexibility my home based job allows for. "Grateful for every golden now" is my in-breath and "survivor" our mantra. 

Email me and be surprised. They say that artists should never lower their prices.  Right now I'd like to get my hands on "they" and show them what I'm feeling about that rule.


Anonymous said...

If I wasn't in the middle of the college years, I'd buy a couple of your pieces in a heartbeat. DO NOT LOWER your prices. I cannot stand that advice. Nor can I stand the relative pricing of fiber ART and painted ART. It's mind bending.

It sounds like you know a lack of sales is no reflection on the quality of your work, but I say it anyway, because it bears repeating.

If not money, I am sending you another currency -- energy and thoughts of healing.

Deb Lacativa said...

Thanks Dee - I appreciate the support and I understand the principal behind not lowering prices.

On the other hand, once we start commodotized our work we have stepped down out of our ivory towers and play by the rules of the market. I'm not giving things away to be sure. I just think that "reasonable offer" might make my work more accessible to a wider audience. Good for me, good for them.

Anonymous said...

oh hell, sell the lot at whatever price you can. high or low if the need is there. make more when you are able.

the "market" will be there later too and as dee says, it's no reflection on on your work- just on what your priorities are at the moment. be in the moment is what i say.

Nancy said...

I agree with Dee & Glennis. One does what one has to. I understand this space you're in and I will be sending healing thoughts.
Take care.