Thursday, September 12, 2013

A different reality

The deadline for Artquilt Elements 2014 is September 30. I'm thinking, since I have work completed within the last two years, I'll apply. That may be the extent of my studio practice for some time to come. It seems that these days, any passion I have goes into cooking, serving, giving meds - all the things that used to annoy me - are now my only labors of love.

Oh, and making a few bridal garters for Missy. Colin hung out with Jimmy yesterday afternoon giving me some time to nip out to HoAnns and gather up some pretties to work with and then stopped by a friends house to take advantage of the lovely pool at her apartment complex. Heavenly!.

These are a few more full sized prints I pulled back on Sunday. There are two of each, 11x17, available on the prints page.

The originals are "Winter Behind Us",  "Taken by the Night" and "Rising Waters"

Winter Behind Us
Taken by the Night
Rising Waters 

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arlee said...

do it!