Sunday, February 20, 2011

Winter Behind Us is finished

This piece has been such a pleasure to work on. No angst, no regrets. Each element taking it's place in the construction phase and very few false starts (and picking out) as I stitched. So contemplative I really didn't give a  thought to the title until it was finished.

I was cleaning up the scrap heaps last night and found I have a good deal more of that tablecloth with the embroidered wheat stalks, leaves and vines in a variety of dyed colors. "Sweet", as Jake says.

"Winter Behind Us"

go here for a large image and here to purchase.


  1. Love your piece! And, oh, how I wish it were true. It's not behind us here in Wisconsin. But your piece gives me hope that it soon will be.

  2. this one has new softness....

  3. It's the cloth, tender like you said.

  4. Anonymous7:23 AM

    don't you love it when a piece arrives like the way you describe this one did? I wonder if the coming spring helped it along. It's really lovely.


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