Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Time for me to fly!


They always know when I'm traveling, even though it's been years. I use a whole roll of tape to get cat hair off this bag and my navy hoody. Took a shower and found cats again roosting on everything. "All haired up for you, mom." 
They will be in good hands.

If FB is good for nothing else, the Memories feature brings sweet surprises. These two pictures were taken six years apart. 

Of course, going home means going to where memories were made.  There is nothing like an old polaroid for time travel. He was teasing me about something and I had clearly taken the bait. I do remember that those overalls were so tight that sitting was an act of masochism. There were no babies yet. I drove home in my underwear not caring if I got pulled over. 

This is happening too. But I won't be shipping anything until after I get back, maybe the 24th, give or take. Flex is good.


deemallon said...

Stripping off those overalls to drive in underpants sounds like a scene out of one of your books!

Nancy said...

Oh lands how I love the way you make me laugh! I would never have been so brave. I remember having to lay down on my bed to zip up my jeans! haha What we did back in our youth. I also recall taking in - in a U shape, inner thigh, knee to knee - already practically skin tight pants.
I love seeing these old memories of you two :) ...and the ones of the other 'you two' too! How well I recall when the first pics of Charlie started rolling in. So precious.

Liz A said...

may the travel gods be kind ... fare you well