Monday, October 04, 2021

days of yore?

Right now, Facebook and its mutant offspring are down. Dick-in-the-dirt down, and it's an interesting turn of event that this happened while a FB representative named ANTIGONE was defending the company against some pretty damning allegations made by a whistleblower. FB did what lined Zuck's pockets regardless of how it stoked political divisiveness and misinformation. NO SHIT!! 


I do miss Instagram. Bailey was a star yesterday.

Ah, technology. The new version of Scrivener sucked into the big laptop today with no issues. Now I'm going to force myself through the learning hoops. I limped along only half using this powerful tool for the first three books. I'll try to work smarter this time and pretend I paid to sit in a classroom and get the most out of it.

Just this morning I bought an 18-month planner because a web-based calendar tool that I've been using for years is saying goodbye so it can become another silly I-phone app. Dude, I think you may have chosen poorly. Anyway, I will clean my fountain pens tonight. I already have a bunch of stamps that I'll have to do the math to use, they are so old. I can do that with a pencil and paper too. 

the prosy stuff: I bought my first-ever set of dishes. Mom's hand-me-down Corelle was good forever, but even Corelle is not indestructible. I have three of the four coffee mugs that my sister-in-law gave us for a shower gift. Number four paid the price when Jimmy took it to work with him one day.  Joked to his buddy that they were supposed to be unbreakable and banged it on something as if it was a hammer.

The new stuff is gorgeous, huge, and heavy. I will probably wind up putting the dinner plates under my house plants. The bowls and dessert plates are perfect.

galaxies under the grub



Nancy said...

Deb~ Ha. The Corelle story with Jimmy gave me a chuckle :) I heard about that FB thing on my way home tonight. Timing is everything, eh?

Liz A said...

I put our dinner plates on the top shelf of the cabinet ... we hardly ever use them ... salad plates make portion control much easier (especially for one dish wonders)

Bailey looks so mysterious and all-knowing

jude said...

it was a great down day with nothing to scroll through

Shasta Matova said...

I didn't know FB was down until it was all over. Your new plates are so pretty. Eating will be even more enjoyable now. I've had software upgrade into forms I am not willing to use. Luckily I have been able to find substitutes.