Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Wonderful Distraction

At the office where I work part time, new books on every creative endeavor you can imagine arrive daily. I got into the habit of averting my eyes when I passed through the nook where the Book Mistress presides over the stacks but the other day I was captivated by this cover. The book is "Beyond the Basics - Gourd Art" by David Macfarlane and is filled with one jewel of creation after another. This cover photo is a piece by Artist Mari Mickler Moss. I have long been looking for an excuse to cultivate something more useful than crabgrass in my front yard. It's the only place on my property that gets enough sun to grow vegetables and since there are no rules or covenants in this old neighborhood about what you can grow in plain view of the world, I think I am going to plow all that miserable grass under and take full advantage of the rising damp from the elderly septic fields that must compete with an underground spring that courses through the yard. My lawn stays green and demanding all summer long while my neighbors either water or live with crispy brown crewcut lawns that crunch when you walk on them. Why not grow some potential art instead? Anyone want to buy a slightly used lawn mower?


Karoda said...

I would never get a thing done if I worked in that environment. Your self-control is admirable.

Are you really thinking about growing your own gourds? If so, you must give us a photo documentary. :)

Debra said...

I grew gourds one year. Fun, not too demanding. Curing them was a bit different (they get moldy.. which for them is good.. me? Not so good. and about 1/4 of them just plain rot).

But your septic/spring set up sounds perfect for these.