Sunday, June 11, 2006

finally, 25

Here is a link to the latest in what was the Bedworx series until I found out that the name is being used by some retail giant. Yeah, gotta scroll up to see it all. 25 x 25 units that are about 12+/- inches each. Ever fond of wacky titles, "Mudpuppies in the Voting Booth" pops to mind. So did "Big Muddy". Having never seen the Mississippi, that one feels fakey. Something will manifest and I will probably change the layout but for now I need to get these sized a bit more uniformly. Sure would be nice if it turned out squarish. Doing the design wall thing on the computer with Dreamweaver is a whole lot easier than sticking pins in the styrofoam wall all afternoon. There's an AC vent right under the computer desk - I have to wear my fuzzy slippers here even in June.

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