Thursday, June 08, 2006


"You're out of PROCESS HERE!" my manager used to holler back on my corporate days.I keep starting new tops before getting on with the tough stuff - the sandwiches, the quilting, the sleeves. You know, the Moan & Groan part of quiltmaking. This will be fourth in a series of pieces originally intended as bed-ware but complete with sleeves so they can double duty as art and entertainment. I really thought I had plenty of browns - every hand-dyer must have a pile of MUD - but I am running out! Jan says to come over and pick through her stash and I must hold off making any more of these elements before I add new colors into the mix. Of course, you know that if I don't get over there right away, I will be off and running making the Big Blue One, because I have more blues than anything else.

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Rayna said...

OUT OF PROCESS???? What is that? Sounds like a compliment to me! Cheesh!

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