Thursday, June 15, 2006

New Thoughts on Working Big

Not getting started on this piece (Nook 1) has been bothering me like a blister. There's been some discussion on the QA list about how various artists go about working LARGE - why they do it doesn't interest me, it's the HOW that got me to thinking about how to overcome the reasons I haven't attacked this project yet. That ole "jest so many hours in the day" doesn't matter to me - when I am on a project, everything else goes to hell a day faster than usual around my house, so time is not an excuse. I haven't been able to dye up the "Black Hole of Calcutta" black fabric that I want and can't afford to buy as much as I need so I am going to turn to the paint. I did a little retrospecting and found this little quirk-o-gram that I did while I was still holding down the night-fort for AT&T. Imagine sitting at your desk painting on fabric all night while watching a bank of monitors that never changes. It was the perfect job. Anyway, I'm looking at using space defining stitching and paint on larger pieces like the Nook. So that's one of the new directions once I finish off the blankets - I have decided to hand quilt Sunny Jim - watching the Braves play on TV has become too painful so I am listening while I sew these days.

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