Saturday, September 23, 2006

Happy Rosh Hashanah

"The Jewish New Year is a time to begin introspection, looking back at the mistakes of the past year and planning the changes to make in the new year." I like it - a three month jump on new beginnings but I'm afraid I'll be breaking the "no work" rule because I'm running out of time before Jimmy comes home and the Animal House loses it's charter! I grew up in a predominately Jewish neighborhood and absorbed a lot of the culture and decided early to take the best of all the religions I could find out about - namely, High Holy Days off from School! Convincing my parents was another story. "The Autumnal Equinox signals the end of the summer months and the beginning of winter. At this time of year, days have been shortening since the Summer Solstice some three months earlier, and the Equinox is the point where nights reach the same length as days. After this point, the Sun will shine lower and lower on the horizon until the Winter Solstice in about three months' time." But I still have a pool to clean and put to bed for the winter, as much as I hate it, we have to put the cover on it soon before those trees drop every last leaf in the water. Isn't that some healthy looking algae down there? I have a couple of hand dyes upstairs with those colors in them. I hate that pool cover. I almost Died a few years ago when I tripped on the deck and fell onto the covered pool. It was November. A tie down broke and I was instantly wrapped in heavyweight vinyl, wet winter clothing and 40 degree water. I went in feet first and landed within arm's reach of the edge. The instant I screamed for help I remembered I was home alone and no one would hear me. My arms were pinned to my sides by the plastic and the water pressure. Balanced precariously on one foot, I had time to examine the situation and clearly realize that if I didn't act carefully I WAS GOING TO DIE. My left arm was pinned to my side, my right hand to my throat. I could not move but felt that I could fall over at any minute. I had to ease the water pressure on the plastic so with my right fingers, all I could move, I pulled the cover away from my neck allowing the freezing water down inside the cover. The cold was shocking but as the pressure lessened I was able to pull my whole arm free and grab hold of the rail to keep from falling over. It seemed to take forever for enough freezing water to get down along my body and on top of the cover so I could free myself. It took another several minutes to haul myself out of the pool with about thirty pounds of cold, wet clothing added to my own excess. Once I caught my breath and gave thanks to Buddha,the Force, Quan Yin, Jesus, Allah, Isis, Hera, Yemana, and Jobu (covering all bases) I got up and stripped naked by the back door and ran upstairs and got under the covers and just cowered there for the whole afternoon. What a stupid way to almost die! My deepest terror was thinking that this could have happened to my one of my sons or my husband and what they would have felt or done in the moments that I had just experienced. These thoughts were worse than the experience itself. I still shudder to remember it and give thanks again to the whole Crew that it was only me.

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joyce said...

Wow! THat sounds dangerous. Maybe you should get some kind of wooden top for it.