Monday, September 25, 2006


I've been thinking about getting a tattoo lately and don't have a decent explanation except that this doodle I drew on the cover of my sketchbook with a silver Sharpie keeps drawing my eye. I also watch Miami Ink with horrid fascination as people have mediocre art permanently carved into their hides with little or no explanation as to the choices, as if the stuff would just wash off! I've seen some photos of tattoos done in white ink. They look great if your skin tone provides enough contrast. I get very tan without even trying and high on my shoulder seems like the only place that won't continue to wrinkle or stretch as I get older. And WHY do people have tattoos put on their bodies in places where they can never see them without a mirror??? Maybe I'll just sew the design to something and leave my body alone.

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joyce said...

That is a great design. I think the idea of having the tatoo where it's hard to see is that if it turns out badly you don't have to constantly look at it. I have heard some tatoo horror stories but have also seen some great ones. There is no turning back though so think twice and tatoo once! Lol.