Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Therapy Continues

I re-wanked my elbow again on Sunday trying to lift an angry cat. Miss Karma has been highly pissed off at me since I treated her little flea buddies to genocide. I tried to give her a lift to the sink for drink (cat owners understand) she struggled and the elbow went "click". Not quite square one but aggravating. But last night I felt good enough for some handwork so I rooted around in the studio for a UFO and found one of the smaller body parts and spent nine innings appliqueing this little Liver. The Braves polished off the Nationals smartly and do we dare hold our collective breath now that they have won two consecutive games? On Sunday they stole a game from the Marlins in the 10th inning when the Marlins outfielders suffered some sort of mass hysteria and began impersonating the Three Stooges. Braves 8, Marlins 7. I love to watch the boys have fun.

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Elle said...

Hey, hey, hey!!! That's not a good thing that they polished off my home team! Booooo...LOL!!!!!