Friday, January 26, 2007


This was the first Gorgeous, four-star day we've had in the longest time and I took full advantage. Lookit that blue sky! As soon as the sun was over the yardarm, I dragged the four newest pieces outside for digital pics. All this after doing a mess of laundry and dirty dishes. Didn't want the board of health nailing a notice up on the front door so I had to get that stuff out of the way first. Got the Gallery all updated including "back" links for the navigationally challenged AND got the start of something new and quirky up on the design wall. Maybe some pictures of that tomorrow.


joyce said...

I absolutely love the quilt you showed us. I assume you used discharging to get the lighter lines? It is wonderful.

Nellie Bass Durand said...

Thanks for not cropping that picture. Your set-up of two rods is a very clever way to get a backdrop. I love the quilt! What size is it?

Anonymous said...

Wow! Gorgeous!!