Tuesday, January 09, 2007

New on the Design Wall

What's new and ongoing now that Mopery is officially done? This piece which began outside on the deck last summer. I'm realizing that the development of these dyed/discharged pieces is not just a matter of cleaning up annoying UFOs. I was just not certain of where I wanted to go with them right after they were created. Now, as they reveal themselves one by one, I'm glad I folded them up and put them away for a time. Who know what horrors might have issued from the studio. Here are some detail shots so far. You can click on them to zoom in bigger images. I'll be moving this stuff to my WIP page before too much goes on with it. Meanwhile, I came across the work of Barbara Cohen and am just loving her paintings.


joyce said...

It was worth waiting for. I love it.

PaMdora said...

Hey Deb, I love these compositions, and the colors too!

janey said...

I like your quilts. The design reminds me of pebbles on the beach. My sewing machine has been gathering some dust since I started drawing. But it's coming out of retirement now that my niece has requested a quilt.