Sunday, February 25, 2007

Cool Find!

I just love it when you find lots of something cool for real cheap! This shaving brush was languishing in a basket (with about 100+ others) at the Salvation Army. 75 cents apiece! I think they were a promotional item for a company called "Bump Patrol". Maybe some barber shop went out of business but they are new, never been used, made in China. I think the brush is goat hair - it's pretty soft. I bought a dozen of them for dye painting and discharging. That Cascade just tears up my good brushes! If you are interested in getting some of these, email me and we can work up a swap or paypal or somesuch.


Judy said...

I'm coming into the city tomorrow...where is this Salvation Army store?
The brushes look cool.

deb said...

It's in Lilburn, corner of rt.29 & Killian Hill Rd..where a small JoAnns used to be.

onionboy said...

I brush up in prep to shave with one of these daily. I bought (on eBay) an old but good as new Gillette safety razor and a pack of blades (100 for 10 bucks also on eBay) and get a great daily shave plus I save a ton of money. But the best part is slowing down the male ritual and enjoying the moment. Shoulda don't it years ago. Happy creating.

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