Monday, February 05, 2007

New Venue!

I got word this morning that "3 to 5 For Mopery" and "Cellular Seizure" are bound for a mixed media show "Abstractions, Color & Texture" at the Aurora Gallery in Petaluma, CA. Now for all the scurrying about preparing to ship these fresh babies out into the big bad world.


  1. Oh, now this is very cool!! I can drive to Petaluma and see your work. Too bad you're not coming with them.

  2. Anonymous10:54 AM

    If you get to make the trip, I'd be thrilled to get some pictures of them in situ. Me? Come Shakeyside? I get the rolling whoopsies just thinking about it. Hollywood is just going to have to do without me.


  3. I'm doing a happy dance for you!

  4. very cool achievement!

  5. YeeHaw! May these babies have a safe trip!


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