Saturday, February 10, 2007

Obama in '08

I predicted this day (if only to myself and my very conservative father) right after I heard his speech at the Democratic convention in 2004. It really is time for the next generation of Americans to stop be so cynical and self-involved and step up to the responsibilities of citizenship and I sincerely hope that Barack Obama gets to lead the way. The best part about his speech this morning was that I got to watch it in the company of some young people who have been so typically steeped in cynicism and powerlessness in the face of what passes for government. They listened soberly, they nodded their heads, they went away quiet and thoughtful. There is audacity in hope.


Debra said...

A friend of mine who is very politically connected mentioned that nobody wants to write a major concern: there is a huge fear that obama or his family will not survive his candidacy. Have you seen his wife? She is the very picture of a terrified to near death wife/mother.

I hope these fears prove to be unfounded, but a number of people suspected he wouldn't run because of this. I wish we were much more mature.

Beverly said...

I hope you are wrong, Debra- because Obama is the first national candidate this cynical boomer could wholeheartedly support in a very long time. I hope we've grown up enough as a country to know a good candidate when he presents himself!

mary m. said...

I'm with you, Deb. Obama seems to be the antithesis of Bush. It is refreshing to respond to integrity in a politician on a visceral level.

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