Sunday, February 11, 2007

Sweet & Sour & Reheated

Bet you didnt' know I was a secret, closet, reformed and backsliding embroiderer?! Stitching with three or six strands of DMC floss was my very first initiation to the Society of the Needle. I used to calculate my allowance as to how many hanks of DMC I could buy each week. Floss was my crack at the age of five! Back then I made my own colors by pulling one strand from each of several colors and blending them to suit my mood. This UFO, "Sweet & Sour", has been mocking me from the pile for a while now. Last week I went to JoAnns to see if I could use a 50% off coupon on anything I actually needed. Of course not! (Jan, you were right) but I did find myself drawn to the array of embroidery threads and selected just exactly the right colors to set Sweet & Sour on the path to completion. TODAY...DMC Floss is 5 for 1$. I'm putting on my shoes right now. Another thing, I used polar fleece for batting in this piece and there is ZERO coming through as I stitch. No fluffers, no cooties, or whatever embroiderers call it when wool or cotton batting comes a creeping. ZERO creeping with fleece inside. Tasty.


  1. My Word what an eclectic audience..interesting summation on the previous comment.
    How have you been?
    I would love to be wrapped up in your astonishing work..COZY..
    2 more months and I can go outside again.

  2. Well thanks, HE. I'm afraid this one would barely cover a rabbit. It's about 18x30 or so. Are you under house arrest?

  3. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMm, looks like parfait with asprinkles...........


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