Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Acres of Fun

You thought the last one was big, Hah! How do you like my new device for indicating scale? It's actually 40 something by 70 something. It's a good thing I'm going to Fiber on a Whim in Roswell on Friday night - I need thread, LOTS of thread. Some 20 wt sail repair rope please. Something that will make a real impact on this riot.

Pamela Allen will be there to give a yak for Fiber Art Fusion and I am looking forward to hiking over there for the evening and opening my ears. I have had my hair-hat aired and a designated driver lined up.


  1. Your just like me for bright colours but can l ask is the new picture fme as l think its just beautifull, let me.w know else l will never sleep lol

  2. Had to laugh at your way of giving scale -- very fun.

    I love the yellow/orange "river" that flows through this piece. It'll be interesting to see it shape up

  3. lovely colors...had no idea the quilt was as big as it was...the one you are quilting...you are going to FOAW on Firday nite...whats happening...guess i wont be in in time ...

  4. This cloth is great. It is going to be a wonderfully large ? mural ?
    Have a great trip.

  5. Love the fabric and your friend on the bottom right.


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