Thursday, August 30, 2007

New on the Wall

I spent nine innings with this one last night - building a back from scraps and hacking into a King-sized W&N batt. Please don't let me buy those pre-bagged things anymore. Even if I do have a 50% off coupon. There's something wrong with it...thin and nasty compared with the kind you buy off the roll. No wonder it was on sale. This is 43x55. Now that's it's up where I have to look at it, it's just as disturbing as it was when I first painted it. Yep, blood & bullets.

1 comment:

Wild Thread Studio said...

Some time ago I think you called it The Mob and that title implanted blood & bullets in my brain. But you know what? I like it AND am anxious to see how quilting will effect this piece.

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Play it again Sam.