Saturday, August 25, 2007

Pool Face

It was a beautiful day. Cranky pants Debra Roby has inspired me to show you what poaching for four hours in the pool under the Georgia sun will do for you. Oh, I stay in the shade once the cleaning is done. Why encourage wrinkles at my age? A full day of R&R, dinner prepared by Chef James. His new specialty is sauteed spinach, garlic and pasta. There's a game on now and I'll watch it from the studio. Life is good.


  1. I had you pictured very differently! In my mind you had very dark hair were much much older!

  2. Well thanks, Corky. seems You've figured out the real me. If I never, ever set foot outdoors my hair would be quite dark (not that I don't help it along a bit with Sun-In) hoping to stay ahead of the tide of silver. And come next month, I will be 58.


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