Friday, August 24, 2007

Rain Dance in the Studio

That's us in Lawrenceville right over the weatherman's shoulder and he's saying "Y'all putcher heads between yer knees and kiss yo asses goodbye. Y'all". I don't think we have had any sustained rainfall in over six weeks. Eh. It wasn't as bad as it looked on the screen. Besides I was busy going through the stash. This is my flibbertygibbets container. Handy when postcard fever strikes. This is the part of restocking the studio that I have been dreading. All the folding and sorting. At first I was going to put everything out on open shelves so I could see it. Now I realize that I get sensory overload from that kind of visual over-stimulation. It's all going into the closet as soon as I can get some of those hanging compartment thingys from JoAnns. I had no idea how much fabric I had in those tubs and boxes and baskets. It's beyond ridiculous and I have to decide just how to convert this excess to something useful. This stack is just whole cloth dye-painted pieces and NOT the five I have lined up to work on . One of the cool side effects of this kind of in-depth inventory is finding things that have been lost. And then doing a little decorating.


Anonymous said...

Hah! If you cut up those adorable toad critters I will hang you myself! Talk about pop, they darn near jumped at me! Keep it, or send it to me!
But NOOOO cutting!
Rain in NC

Quilt Pixie said...

I love the frog piece! What fun. It is hard work to sort through all the bits and bobs, but it can be interesting to see what I find... When I get completely disgusted with the ag/ look of some of the finds I strip them for strip quilts -- fast easy, and no longer "hanging "around

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