Saturday, September 08, 2007

Summers End Dyefest

Yesterday I spent the day with my buddy JR who is here visiting for a while. While we were wandering around the county I rediscovered a fabric outlet I used to shop years ago when I was still working for AT&T. It's gotten some bigger since then and it's only an hour from my house. OHCO should be a whole day's adventure but in just about an hour we found enough to keep us busy. JR got some lovely lightweight decorator fabrics that she is going to learn to turn into pillows and I scored four yards of 100% cotton, 120 inches wide, for a mere 2.99 per yard. I scoured it quick and dirty last night with one hot water wash and Dawn and this morning hacked it up and plunged it into a soda ash solution. It's a light weight weave, not quite as light as lawn but not as sturdy as sheeting. There was little to no documentation on the bolt. Turns out that it takes dye quite nicely and these dyes have been hanging around in the fridge since March and so not quite at the top of their game. Still and all, some real nice pieces that will go into my badly needed cache of backing fabric. These are really large hunks...the blues on each end are 60 inches square.


  1. pictures is worth a thousand words....

  2. These are beautiful fabrics!

  3. yum that purple is great...or should i say those purples are great???

  4. That arrangement looks luscious! Maybe you should work that up as an installation for a gallery? ha, ha, ha.....

  5. Anonymous5:37 PM

    Summer bounty indeed. This is inspiring me to take out the buckets this week, though in S Texas we have plenty of warm weather to come.


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