Sunday, September 30, 2007

Hooking for Fun (no profit in it)

I picked up a couple of wonderful books at the library the other day and set about to see what all the fuss is about. I like that rug hooking can be a real recycling art using almost anything at hand, and I got lots at hand. With a quick stop at JA's for some burlap (shudder) and yet another crochet hook that I didn't really need. The fact that they didn't have a real rug hooking tool tells me that this technique is not on the trendy scale here in the South. At this particular JAs they are still up to their butts in scrapbooking materials/supplies and probably consider rug hooking to be a bit provincial like churning one's own butter. I worked up this little sample in no time and I like it. The burlap doesn't thrill me but the potential and the notion of using whatever charms me. I missed the chance to observe some pros at work at the ACA retreat back in March; I was too intent on my own thing and boy, they were intent as hell over their things too.

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  1. A fairly new annual national show of original designed art rugs just went up at the Carnegie Center in New Albany, Indiana...I haven't attended yet but last year's show was really interesting enough to make me visit the shop that sponsors the show...I enjoyed the few hours I hung out with the hookers and ended up purchasing some burlap and some hand-dyed wool simply because I loved touching it. :) hook on!


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