Friday, September 14, 2007

Signatures and such

Thanks to Tracy Helgeson for blogging about it first. Over the weekend I decided to dismantle, clean and oil my Janome 6500 which is well overdue for professional assistance. Doing it myself was the next best thing. Once I had it back together I started noodling around on my test sandwich adjusting the tension and such. I have half a dozen pieces either poised for shipping to shows, or waiting to hear if they are going and none of them have labels or signatures. This came out just the way I wanted it to: Now I have to get busy with sleeves for most of these pieces. Colin snapped this picture of Karma standing lifeguard duty even though it's a race with the falling leaves to keep the pool clean. When the air gets cooler in the evening the water still feels warm and refreshing. We are in for a spell of rain and cooler temperatures so I'm afraid the end of pool season may be upon us.

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SeamRippstress said...

i think Karma likes to admire his aura from your pool. He really does look comfortable and must be meditating. What a prolific quilt this shot would make!


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Play it again Sam.