Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Hand work continues.

Waiting on the storms. I took Big J to the sewing machine wizard yesterday. It's been cranky lately probably due to the fact that it's never had a professional cleaning or tuneup since I bought it late in '06. I'm worried he's going to report me to someone somewhere for machine abuse. Still, he did offer to carry it to a more convenient location for me to pick it up at noon, or will They be waiting to take me into custody and put Big J into the sewing machine foster care system?


arlee said...

I'll probably be there too--YSB hasn't had a tuneup in 7 years, except when i take him apart myself!

Deb said...

He even carried it out to the car for me and made a recommendation I never thought of - Big J MUST have a surge protector! After all, he's mostly computer inside.