Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Piddling, paddling, it's all good.

I never get tired of catfish. When I was a kid I used to feed them like city people feed pigeons. Catfish raised on Wonderbread! This almost has an Amish feel somehow. Since I don't have a traditional quilting background I know it's an echo of some technique or style but can't say just what. I just know it was fun picking through the scraps. It's a bit too studied (once again) but they are just nailed in place to the wall for the moment. I'll fiddle them around a lot before I pin and baste (you read that right) everything in place so it travels/handles well. It's all going to be hand appliqu├ęd but leaving raw edges everywhere.I like the way the fuzzy edges look water blurry. My point in setting this treat up is so that I'll have something to keep busy with while the dyes batch properly instead of rushing things the way I always do. I might even take it to the beach one afternoon.


arlee said...

I remember catfish in the pond near the airport where i grew up--fascinating--but i like yours much better--no scarey evil sneers! These remind me of a Japanese painting too.

gabrielle said...

Bring me a big, ole, honkin'plate of some fried catfish...and you will see one happy girl. Your catfish are down right elegant. Great composition.

jeanne, herself said...

these are the very first catfish i've ever liked. me, i stick to the hushpuppies.