Friday, May 02, 2008

Hello Oakland. CA

My fascination with the geographical data that Sitemeter provides continues. Hello fan in Oakland, California. Do you have questions about my work? Fire away. In the meantime, I decided to clear off one whole design wall and get some of these small things ready to go off into the world. Some people have had better sales success when they got to the expense and trouble of having small things professionally framed. "Dirty Pool" 16"x16" Aside from not wanting to spend the money, I think frame and matting choices should be left to the person who will displaying the artwork. Any thoughts? I can't even make the "glass/no glass decision" either. They are textiles as in feely-ness in evidence. On another track, does anyone else have time travel dreams? The kind that take you way back to an completely insignificant time fully complemented with all the sense memories of that moment. Last night I remembered what Tangee lipstick smelled/tasted like. I think my mother let me buy it because it was supposed to let the wearer's lip color show through or something all appropriate for my first makeup. Unfortunately, on me it turned a pretty garish maroon if I didn't lick it all off in ten minutes. At 13 I still had no clue about such things. I used to keep it in a tiny clear plastic coin purse that had pastel colored straw flowers laminated into the plastic. Coins, lipstick and crayons. "Blues Flower" 8"x10"

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