Sunday, May 25, 2008


I left NY late Friday afternoon and despite it being the starting gate of a holiday travel weekend, the whole trip went without a hitch. The flight was listed as "oversold" so I volunteered to take a bump but at the very last moment before boarding they told me there were two no-shows so all went as scheduled. Voodoo was particularly happy to see me because I cut big chunks catnip out of my potted herb garden when I noticed it trying to overwhelm the lavender and basil. Along horticultural lines, I found this four leaf clover in a neighbors yard up in NY while I was taking the cordless phone out to Rob who was cutting the grass across the street. It turned out to be lucky for him - a Sears technician gave him information over the phone that saved the cost of a house call and parts for one of his lawn tractors. Here is Rob, getting ready to ride his motorcycle to South Carolina for much needed and well deserved mini-vacation.

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