Saturday, May 10, 2008

raw materials finally exhausted

OK. Now I have to stop. All the latest batch of tablecloths have been committed to the colors and I'm just about out of dye stock. For a while I'll be working with whatever is at hand. What pleases me most is that I can reproduce these results anytime I want to. This knowledge makes me kind of greedy to make more. For the moment I have other things to focus on as I will be leaving for NY on Tuesday to spend some time with my parents. I have to put together some kind of handwork to take along. I suppose clean laundry is in order too. Thanks, Kitty, for booking me on Airtran instead of Delta. And don't forget to order the new washer and dryer from Sears today - I'm packing light! There will be lots of things to do and think about while I'm in NY. Many changes are afoot. I'm determined to plant a small vegetable garden down by the lake. Gardening in Georgia is way too much work. Little survives without major intervention on the gardener's part and I am too lazy. In New York I used to put seeds in the ground, wave my arms in some vague blessing and walk away. The soil was so good that things grew and prospered without so much as a second look from me. The Pilgrims didn't know how good they had it landing in New England. If they had landed in Georgia they would have starved to death. Here's an exception. After we moved here in '93, I brought down some cuttings from a peony plant growing behind my parents house that was originally cultivated by my Grandfather in Armonk, NY . I put them in the ground up by the mailbox where they survive on dog piss and benign neglect. Someone once told me that peonies needed ants to help them bloom and now I have the proof.

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