Thursday, June 05, 2008

Highway Series

It feels good to have come to a conclusion about whether or not to enter Quilt National '09. The idea of taking three recent pieces out of existence (for all intents and purposes) for an extended period of time on the slim chance of getting accepted just grated on my last nerve. Simply deciding which three was giving me fits. Now that bit of anxiety is behind me and it feels good. There's plenty more in the pipe. I love working with these vintage damasks - bringing them from pale storage into blazing color with the dyes and then using them in ways the makers never imagined. Even though I'm not hand stitching these pieces I still feel like I'm working in the slow cloth lane by re-purposing the old cloth. These are both 40+ inches wide and ?? long. I suppose I'll finish #2 tomorrow and put a tape measure to them and get some decent photos while I think through what I want to name them. (I wonder if anyone noticed that I flipped this one on it's head since it was first posted? When I finished the stitching today I plodded over to the design wall and accidentally hung it upside down. What a happy mistake.)


Sandy said...

Names: ' Wings'and 'Prayers' and they are a dyptich always have to hang together. I use old damask all the time, love the secondary patterns that the weaving sets up.

Darlin', we gotta get together! Are you ever going to come to Mary's retreat again? I might do it this year if she has it AND if you are there too- S

corryna said...

These look fantastic. I would like to make a link to your blog on mine. Is that OK with you? I love the work you make and the colours you use.