Wednesday, June 25, 2008

signing off from Tampa.

More of this through the night and on and off throughout the day while I was mummified inside the bowels of the Convention center diddling bits and bytes and shuffling paperwork. I'm handing this laptop off to someone else on the staff tomorrow so I won't be posting until after I get home next week. While the impressions are fresh in my mind I have to thank all the wonderful people I have met and been working with here in Tampa. Folks have been so kind and thoughtful and gracious it makes one guilty to have a cross moment or thought no matter how long and difficult the days might have been. for now, sleep. ->>NOTE --all these photos from Tampa are not my work. All borrowed from public sites and will be replaced by my own photos once I get home where I left my transfer ability. But - the view (of the sky) from my hotel room window was just like this.


Karoda said...

My God, but that is fierce!!!! Where were you when you shot this photo?

Karoda said...

oh, and sweet dreams.

Anna Rice said...

W O W!!!!! Now I live here in TB and I haven't managed to get a shot anywhere close to the magnificance of this one - What talent you've got there Ms. Deb! I definitely see ART there - hope you do something with this one!!!
Anna Rice - Tampa

Barbara said...

That looks like a wicked storm!
I just accidently ran across your blog. It was sort of like coming across an old friend on the street, although we've never met in person.
Your art quilts are in two of our books. Come and visit me on our blog(not as interesting and art-filled as yours!)