Tuesday, June 24, 2008

sulllen skies

I really like this tropical weather. Each day is bronze and bright and sticky then the breeze picks up and clouds come ganging, lead colored with golden edges. As the sun is busy setting somewhere behind those banks of clouds, fat bolts of lightning split the skies far and wide but they all seem far because it's 22 one thousand before thunder rolls weakly. Sometimes it rains, sometimes it doesn't. Tonight it's just falling. I have seen it rain so hard it seems like there is no spaces between the drops. It was another long day at Convergence gathering up the loose threads of folks' paperwork into some kind of net with few enough holes so that they can go about the business of enjoying the workshop or studio they have signed up for. I try to make each issue matter as much to me as it must matter to them but I confess to a diminished capacity for suffering fools. I want to post a sign on the door "YOUR DRAMA IS NOT MY DRAMA" but I won't. The vendor hall opened this evening and I made a bee line for the people here from Africa selling sea grass baskets. Mine is shaped just like the one in the picture but has different colors - wide bands of midnight blue and sun gold. It smells like life and it's the perfect size for any kind of hand work plus one cat. The sky is purple now and the lightning gold but the thunder has gone to bed.


  1. I love those baskets...I had one way back when that I carried daily as a purse...not sure where it got to...thats been at least 20 years and some change.

    Enjoy yourself between working!

  2. Only room for one cat? Shame on you,Deb, suppose they want a basket party one day? :¬}

  3. As a first time Convergence attendee I thank you for your hard work!! I had a wonderful "issue free" 4 days of classes!


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