Saturday, June 21, 2008

Tampa, Florida

Tampa is a "foot friendly" town. There is a system of trolley cars that get you all over the downtown area and points beyond. The line I need to get from my hotel to the Convention center is 25 cents! I wonder how something like this would work in Atlanta. We had dinner at the Columbia last night. On the way there the trolley was delayed by an accident on the line (cars challenge trolley cars and the trolleys bellow back and win) so my party all got off and hot footed it through the heat and humidity to make the 7pm reservation. My hip was aching so I opted to "wait & see" and possibly be there in time for dessert. After a few minutes the motorman got a signal to proceed a few blocks to the next station where an air-conditioned SUV was waiting to drive me directly to the restaurant. Friendly town! I had forgotten how much I like Sangria. After the wonderful fresh bread and appetizers I didn't really have room for dinner.


Karoda said...

i've never found downtown atlanta pedestrian friendly and can't believe there isn't a trolley system...we have one here that is great for the art trolley hops.

Melly Testa said...

I wanna go where you go!! Love the trolly, love the jelly, love the quilting of the blue snippet and LOVE the owls. Me wantses.

Anna Rice said...

Anna in Tampa here -About trolley cars in Atlanta - there was a very complete trolley system in Atlanta, replete with trolley tracks when I attended Georgia Tech in the late 1950's; when I came back to Atlanta to attend Grad school at Emory University, they were still in place well into the late 1960's. I left Atlanta, moving back to New York after completing grad school in the mid-1960's. I think the trolley system stopped running somnewhere in the early 1970's or maybe very late 1960's. But when it was functioning - it was great.
As for Tampa's trolley works, the city fathers tried to deep-six it a year or two ago, leaving only the Ybor City to downtown Tampa route in tact - but now with the high price of gasoline, it may stay in tact for a while, until the ever pending rail system gets off the ground. Nothing beats New York for public transit. I didn't learn how to drive until I moved back south when I was in my mid-30's...for what you pay on car payments, upkeep, insurance, gasoline, parking - you can take a lot of cabs in New York or even snag the occasional off duty limo - lolol.