Tuesday, June 24, 2008

working working

Even if I had remembered to bring the transfer cord for my camera, chances are I haven't had time to take any decent pictures. The egrets roost across the river from my hotel hoping for someone or something to fall in and float by. The gulls at the convention center are not as shy and very much enjoyed the slice of cold pizza I rescued from the trash for them. They are still talking about me. So far the conference seems a huge success if listening to the attendees is any measure. My job consists of working at the computer making sure that everyone gets everything they want or need. Except me. But I remind myself that I am here working an assignment. For pay. Stop whining. I did get to peek in to a couple of workshops yesterday. Got to see actual looms with weaving happening. One room thrummed with a group of women working spinning wheels. A surface design class was busy dyeing fabric with disperse dyes yielding beautiful and unpredictable results. Felting classes creating what looked like rows of sea creatures. Yes, yes, pictures of everything next week some time. It's 6 am. Time to go back to work.

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