Friday, December 19, 2008

Spooky Stories Travels

What do you give the man who says he has everything? Art of Course! "Spooky Stories" is on it's way to spend an open ended exhibition as part of the esteemed Charles & Rosalie Useted Collection that includes pieces stretching back to the beginning of my career - 3rd grade: a glued paper & felt tracing of my very small foot with the inscription "Upon my sole I love you Daddy". I can post this because my Dad doesn't use a computer and thinks the internet is "50% voodoo bullshit and 49% nonsense". He'll only credit the other 1% because I do. Here( 1,2,3) are some detail shots of this gen-u-wine machine pieced and appliqued, hand quilted and beaded utility quilt approximately 6 feet square. Can you tell it's one of my favorite and most personal pieces?


  1. Lucky to have your dad. My Dad would have embraced the internet..I wish he was here to read my blog!Lovely piece.

  2. Truly fabulous! And ditto what Jackie said...


  3. Lovely piece and you made me smile when you said dad doesn't use a computer. Merry Christmas and he'll love it.

  4. Anonymous8:19 PM

    Thanks for the comment on my blog. I've been enjoying yours for some time now--in fact, you may have been the one that got me started on Scribbler. This is a fabulous piece! I love the freedom and playfulness of your work.


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