Saturday, January 17, 2009

Changes Afoot

The painting does not go well. A much as I wanted it to, it never did for me. I can only think of one canvas that, once finished, satisfied me. In dim recollection, it was something I dashed off as decoration for the new nursery, some thirty years ago and so had an important purpose beyond my mere need to fling colors around. All the hard edges that we create when piecing fabric become impossible boundaries when recreated in two dimensions with paint. So far,I've only painted ground colors. The need to have to fashion the effects of the texture of fabric and stitching with paint confounds me. Once the studio warms up, I'll give it another go before I gesso over the whole mess. On a completely different note, I'm delighted to have found a full time job. It's going to be familiar - when AT&T dragged us from NY to GA I spent three years of hell taking inbound telemarketing calls - but there won't be any "marketing" in this position. There's room for advancement - my IT skills and experience were noted, and so, back into the workforce we go! I am deeply grateful.


Eva said...

There is nothing wrong with hard edge painting, as long as it is not colliding with your intentions. Hard edge painting can be wonderful! The eye can rest in the calm of spaces and enjoy the colour without having to climb hills of shading. I broke free from the constraint of having to modulate every part of the picture when I painted portraits, I let it stand against monochrome plain shapes. I took me some courage, but my definition of art is to do what you think is right for you.

arlee said...

I'd be slapping scraps of fabric in there for texture :}Perhaps mixed media would be more satisfying?

Congrats on the job!

tiedyejudy said...

Painting is an interesting medium... I was a realist when I painted, basically rendering what I saw. With fabric, I can go reality or abstract, or both in one piece... my only constraint is finding or creating the fabric to match the image in my head. I'm with arlee... mixed media opens more doors!
Glad you found a job... hope it leaves you time for your art!

jude said...

finding a job is a good thing these days. i need to see what happens if i paint. i will let you know. i like arlee's idea