Friday, February 27, 2009

the Anonymous Experiment....

....was a resounding success. Thank you all. I'm deeply grateful to all those who took the time to comment publicly and email me privately on the current series. I learned a great deal, had some ideas confirmed, scraped some doodoo off my shoes and was given much to think about . I would encourage anyone who keeps a blog and is serious about their art to take a chance on your readership and have an ANONYMOUS COMMENT FESTIVAL. found in a recent fortune cookie "You will be richly rewarded"

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Karoda said...

Hi Deb, there is a critique group within Fiber Focus called The Awful Truth...check it out to see if its something you might want. I have the link in my sidebar at Seamless Skin.

I'll try posting on the blog a quilt up for critique also...with the anonymous option.