Sunday, February 15, 2009

camera woes

There was a lovely box of inspiration on the doorstep this morning including some lightweight cottons bound for the dyepots as soon as it gets warm enough. I was inspired to root around in the studio and start rounding up everything and anything that will take color and found quite a pile! Now all I have to do is grind my teeth and wait a month or two. I mounted "Alligator Dream #1" on a 9"x12" canvas and finally got this one trued up and stitched down tight but spent two wasted sessions trying to get it and few others photographed. I'm going to take my CanonA95 someplace and have it cleaned or whatever can be done for an aging and well-used digital camera that is just not doing what it used to do. I wasted another hour online looking at what's new and reasonably price in the way of digital cameras but looks like I'll have to go back to school to catch up on all the latest jargon since '05 when I bought the one I've got now. All suggestions, reviews and wisdom are welcome.


Terry said...

Check out the Canon PowerShot S3IS, or whatever the newer version is. I love, love this camera and two of my friends have bought it after seeing mine and love theirs as well. The 12X zoom is wonderful to have and I would hate ever being without a good zoom after this. Not terribly expensive or complicated.

tiedyejudy said...

I got the Canon Power Shot A400 about 3-4 years ago, and have been in love ever since! But I'm with Terry... the greater the zoom, the better. BTW, would love to hear how you mount your pieces on canvas! I have heard people talk about this, but have never seen how to do it!

Eva said...

I bought a second hand Panasonic camera for 150 Eur, and I'm very happy with it! There is this small shop where very good cameras are sold at low price, maybe something like this exists in your neighbourhood. I certainly recommend to buy it directly, not online, in order to see if the handling is alright for you and if it lies nicely in your hand. The true value of mine was 700 Eur, and it was so cheap because it is not quite up to date. But with a high (12x) zoom AND Leica optics, I am very satisfied. Have used it for half a year now.