Sunday, February 08, 2009


What a great combination - the Ace of Cups and a nearly full moon. After what seems like weeks in the deep freeze, the house is open to a blazing sunny day that may see 65 degrees. Eastern Bluebirds are everywhere here, on their way to someplace else but chowing down on whatever they can find while they are here. I stitched on this through the first four new episodes of LOST yesterday. Finally I've starting to cast about for a new direction for some large work. Makes you wonder if being able to stand up straight without shivering figures into creative output. Supplies are low and I'll have to scrounge for stuff but what else is new in the life of an artist? I'll bet batting is 50% off in JoAnns any minute now. And Jinx know what to do with a scrap of batting in a sunny patch on the sewing table.


Eva said...

Beautiful hand quilting! Looking forward to seeing the complete piece.
It is not so nice to run out of material, but it's a challenge, isn't it? I vowed not to buy any until May (hopefully end of my financial crisis). So I have to dig out my old stuff. Surprises are waiting, I know!

jude said...

there always seems to be something hidden away around here. but i never find what i am looking for, i just bump into something along the way and change my path. i think i have a buNch of batting in the attic. i don't really use batting anymore. it is cotton and very thin. can i send you some?

Natalya said...

ohhh... i love the hand stitching here... and beautiful colors! when are ya coming up north again?