Wednesday, June 17, 2009

All's Well

We were home from Dr. Nick's by 8:45. By 9am I was stuffed with breakfast and nodding off on the couch blissful with the leftover anesthesia. Everything is peachy and that's all I'll say about it except that everyone reading this should ask their doctor when they should have a colonoscopy. My husband's baseline screening at aged 53 saved his life. What more could I add? By noon I was well enough to don the mask and gloves and mix up some new colors and just get crazy. The whole cloth piece above is a commercial table cloth I got from OHCO for 2$. It's 5'x5' and I guess that 100% cotton label was telling the truth. We'll see what washes out and what remains. More wishpots taking on new hues. and a bunch of miscellaneous cottons from sacking to lawn. These were all soaked in soda ash, allowed to dry and then layered into the jars with several colors of dye. Something new abrew.


arlee said...

WISHPOTS!!! Perfect!!!!
And glad to hear the check up (in? :}) went smoothly.

tiedyejudy said...

Yay for screenings! Glad all is well. Now share the names of the new colors!